Boring education is out 👋
$LMAO is in! 🚀

$LMAO is a community that's making
learning about DeFi free, fun, and rewarding!

We're bringing legitimacy to the memecoin space. We have locked liqudity, a staking mechanism in place to encourage long term holding,
and a DeFi education platform / NFT Marketplace on the roadmap!

We're a community of individuals who act and dream bigger than the average person. Why just shoot for the moon when we can go far beyond that!


$LMAO stats 🚀

0.0001 ETH/LMAO

$LMAO Price 📈

100+ (Pre-sale)

Holders 🤲


Supply 💰


Market Cap 🏔

What is $LMAO?

Community Driven

$LMAO is a community driven token that thrives on memes. Want any new features for $LMAO? We listen and act on what the community wants!

Staking Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through an advanced staking mechanism that redistributes $LMAO. This was highly requested!


The dev team has locked liquidity, along with SURF has locked over $10k USD for 6+ months as well. Trust is at the top of our values list.

250 ETH Raised

We raised 250 ETH for our pre-sale, added to the liquidity pool (with LP tokens burned), and locked for 2 weeks for a stable launch

Education Focused

We're focused on empowering the next generation to learn / embrace Crypto & DeFi. Providing free education will encourage mainstream crypto adoption.

Building the world's premiere cryptoeducation platform

We think learning about crypto needs to be easy, fun, and rewarding.

We're developing free educational videos to help people learn about crypto / DeFi. And of course, there will be memes, astronauts, and flamethrowers, to make things  more exciting!

Buy $LMAO on Uniswap

How to buy some $LMAO


Download MetaMask Wallet 🔐

Simply visit and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the defi market.
(Never share your seed phrase)


Load your wallet with ETH! 💸

Purchase ETH to fund your wallet. These coins are used in the Ethereum environment, and will be used to swap with $LMAO.


Go the the browser, then to Uniswap 🦄

Uniswap is an exchange that allows users to swap ETH with defi coins. You can do this in MetaMask mobile, or on your computer with the MetaMask extension.


Swap ETH for

Set version to V2 on Uniswap, click ‘Select a Token’ and enter the contract address. All of our liquidity is on Uniswap V2. Reach out on Telegram or Discord with questions.


HODL, we're going beyond the moon 🌌

With the strongest community in Crypto, we're in this together. We act, think, and dream bigger than the regular person - because we're exceptional.


Optionally Earn StakingRewards 💰

Stake your $LMAO to earn rewards! Passively grow your holdings over time. The longer you hodl, the more returns you get!

Buy $LMAO on Uniswap

Professional Whitepaper
and Roadmap

Read about our plans for the future. Interested in becoming part of the community? We're looking for devs, social media creators, and people to manage our social media reach! Contact us here

$LMAO Staking (At Launch)
DeFi Education (Coming Soon)
NFT Marketplace (Coming Soon)
LMAOswap (Coming Soon)

Meet the Team

Transparency and honesty are the foundation of our community.
We are a fully doxed, no bs team of crypto / tech enthusiasts


Matt Upham

A software developer by day, and social media creator by night. Matt is running the technical and marketing side of things!


Casen Luck

The head of Social Community strategy, and chief meme lord. I'm leading our operations across our different social communities.


SURF Finance

Hedge Fund Partners. We're working with SURF to create our staking mechanism, and they've locked liquidity into the project!

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